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The Ordeal has 16 new songs produced by Jeff Berkley and we'll be releasing them once a month. Here's the first one!

"Cathryn Beeks has been a tireless supporter of everybody else's art. Now, it's her turn and for my money, The Ordeal knocks it out of the park. Give a listen." Dave Good - The Reader

Order your CD and 23 page photo/lyric book for $32, get it at our release party!

Life, Love, The End

We're excited to play an intimate unplugged set of our new tunes in Carol's foyer (University City) on April 1st as we celebrate the release of LIFE, LOVE, THE END. The 16 song CD comes nestled in a 23 page photo/lyric/story book and is only available by online order, delivered in April. Contact Carol at to reserve your tickets and order your CD now to take home that night!